We are second to none when it comes to selection. Our product availability is supported by one of the largest inventories of used and reconditioned terminals in the world. We have terminals such as IBM, NCR, ICL/Fujitsu, Micros, Panasonic and many more, along with processors, scanners, scales, peripherals, kits parts, printers, every point-of-sale product imaginable.
Select top-of-the-line P.O.S. equipment from the world's finest top-of-the-line P.O.S. manufacturers. Our equipment looks and runs exactly like brand new, at a substantial savings to you. Everything is fully warranted and acceptable for continued OEM maintenance with savings that range from 40 to 80 percent.
There is no project that we can't handle - no restrictions on size or specification. If you are talking with anyone about refurbished POS Solutions, you must talk with us. Isn't your goal to get the highest quality of solutions at the most affordable possible price? If it is, then IWCR is the provider that you're looking for.
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Epson, Micros, NCR, PAR, IBM, Panasonic