This is POS Innovation That
Surpasses the Checkout Lane

Discover where you can integrate Zebra’s purpose-built hardware
into your grocery store for increased customer satisfaction.

59% of shoppers report having better experiences when associates use innovative technologies. Elevate your POS with Zebra and IWCR.

The MP7000
Speed up the checkout lane to reduce abandoned purchases

Multi-plane imager for scanning at any angle
Additional customer-side scanner
Lowest power consumption – uses 60% less power than competing models
Easy installation and maintenance 

General-Purpose Scanners 
Maximize scanning power to maximize throughput 

Maximize scanning power to maximize throughput
Scan both 1D and 2D barcodes
Capture multiple codes simultaneously
Build-in intelligent PRZM imaging
Add Zebra’s DataCapture DNA for expanded functionality

Eliminate hiccups with superior printing power made to fit your workspace.

IWCR empowers you to stay on top of new shopper
demands with click-and-collect POS technology

Download Infographic to see how

choose your scanner
Choose your scanner
choose your printer
And your printer 
POS technology
To start delivering one seamless
contactless shopping experience
Modernizing your POS can be easy and cost-effective with the GO Zebra Trade-In Program. 


To see how you can start upgrading your POS, contact us for an in-depth assessment of your current systems.

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