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Buying & Acquisitions

Before You Buy New
Let IWCR show you the cost differential of buying new against our remarketed products. If you're concerned about maintenance eligibility, you'll discover that all IWCR equipment is fully warranted and acceptable for continued OEM maintenance. Over the years, IWCR has successfully placed hundreds of millions of dollars of equipment back under OEM maintenance.

If Upgrading Seems Like the Only Alternative
Come to IWCR for a second opinion. IWCR excels in solving customer problems when the OEM cannot. Whether it's the need for hard-to-find kits that's prompting an upgrade or an intricate conversion, IWCR will open your eyes to a variety of alternatives.

If OEM maintenance costs are getting so high that upgrading seems like the next best choice, IWCR can show you how to extend the life of your existing equipment and drastically reduce your maintenance costs.

Restocking fee may apply for returned items. For more information, please click the Contact Us tab to contact us via email or call us at 800-544-5493.   

In-House Delivery and Tracking
IWCR maintains its own fleet of trucks to deliver your products on time and intact. For expedited orders not handled by our drivers, IWCR uses the nations best air freight carriers and maintains an on-line computer link to keep constant