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Technical Support

Select top-of-the-line P.O.S. equipment from the world's finest top-of-the-line P.O.S. manufacturers. Our refurbished equipment not only provides substantial savings over new, but it also looks so good and runs so well, that you may think it is brand new. In addition, it may be warranted by the OEM, by IWCR or both, and may be acceptable for continued OEM maintenance.

Well-Trained Technical Support

Our technical staff has more than 100 years combined technical service working with high-quality p.o.s. equipment. Rarely is there a part or type of p.o.s. equipment our technicians haven't seen before. Each IWCR technician has received extensive training in the field before being hired and trains on a variety of machines in the factory before simulating a customer's on-line environment in the shop. Periodic, off-site training atIWCR manufacturer partners keeps our technicians current on running, repairing, and testing their equipment.

If you are a current customer experiencing a service issue, please click the Support tab to contact us via email or call us at 847-310-4200 and ask for Customer Service.   


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