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Illinois Wholesale Services

Select top-of-the-line P.O.S. equipment from the world's finest top-of-the-line P.O.S. manufacturers. Our refurbished equipment not only provides substantial savings over new, but it also looks so good and runs so well, that you may think it is brand new. In addition, it may be warranted by the OEM, by IWCR or both, and may be acceptable for continued OEM maintenance.


Premium Parts and Precautions

In providing reconditioned machines that to you may look like new, run like new and last like new at a fraction of the cost of new, we purchase only top-of-the-line equipment and use only genuine new or high-quality used OEM parts that meet our standards. We strictly adhere to the guidelines of electro-static discharge (ESD) compliance and use the most recent computer technology to inventory every part and piece of equipment in our possession.

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Well-Trained Technical Support

Our technical staff has more than 100 years combined technical service working with high-quality p.o.s. equipment. Rarely is there a part or type of p.o.s. equipment our technicians haven't seen before. Each IWCR technician has received extensive training in the field before being hired and trains on a variety of machines in the factory before simulating a customer's on-line environment in the shop. Periodic, off-site training at IWCR manufacturer partners keeps our technicians current on running, repairing and testing their equipment.

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State-of-the-Art Refurbishing

In order to bring used equipment up to new specifications or something IWCR believes is close to them, the IWCR Refurbishing Process moves through the following steps:

  1. Total disassembly of the equipment
  2. Thorough cleansing of the interior and exterior portions by chemical jet immersion or ultrasonic cleaning
  3. Rebuilding by replacing damaged or worn elements with new or high-quality used OEM parts that meet our standards
  4. Refurbishing, including surface reconditioning and painting
  5. Customer-ization: upgrading, converting, or specially featuring equipment to customer specifications
  6. Full on-line testing, including operational test simulating the customer's in-store environment
  7. Stringent equipment inspections performed by the Quality Control Manager, and double-checked by the sales representative assigned to that customer.

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Express Parts and Board Repair

Since hard-to-find parts and kits create a constant problem for many of our customers; IWCR maintains an active inventory of fully tested ready-to-ship parts, kits and boards. Out parts analyst can quickly research your needs and compare it against our inventory utilizing a specialized on-line computer system. When the match is made, your request is shipped express - the very same day.

IWCR's inventory also enables customers to avoid the long wait often associated with board repairs. Our express "Exchange Service" gives you the opportunity to exchange your damaged boards we have in stock - with no time wasted on repairs.

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